Come On In... Have Some Fun.. Crank It Up And Enjoy The Tunes...

We understand not all requests or songs are liked by everyone but please respect other listeners, requests and DJ's.

Please allow a DJ who just comes on air a chance to get settled in before sending in requests. Also the DJ on air will state when request line is open and when it is closed.

There is a 3 Request limit per listener per DJ unless otherwise stated by the DJ on air at that time. Also 1 Request at a time not all at once per listener.

Although we are an uncensored station and believe a song should be heard the way it was meant to be, we still have the right to refuse to play certain artists and/or songs. We will not play any song or request that is Racist and/or Demeaning.

Whether a listener supports us by way of donations or not, there is no entitlement and/or special treatment. Although we are very appreciative of all listeners who support us, we treat everyone with the same respect.

Per DMCA guidelines we can not play more than 3 songs from the same artist per DJ Show. Also we can not play more than 2 songs back to back from the same artist and/or same artist and same album.

We here at Crank It Up Radio want all listeners and all DJ's to have Fun and Enjoy their time with us in a Drama Free environment.

Crank It Up Radio follows strict DMCA Guidelines.

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